• I   am   a   Quizticon

    I love facts and adore trivia. That's a mark of a Quizticon who can answer questions in a flash. Sports, Science, History are second nature to me and when I sleep my encyclopedias are my pillowcases!

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  • I   am   a   Crisscross

    I can see patterns and I can fill in blanks. I am Crisscross, the crossword fanatic. Chewed-up pencils lie strewn around me and I knock-off the next crossword.

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  • I   am   a   Fabulista

    I have a wild imagination and my notebooks are filled with crazy stories. I am Fabulista the best story-teller in the world.

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  • I   am   a   Powwow

    Muster your skills like a vivid imagination, the silver tongue, the dramatic tone and show that you are the best Powwow around by debating your way across any topic under the sun.

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  • I   am   a   SPELLER

    Words intrigue me and spelling is a breeze for I am the Speller, the lord of the Spelling Bee.

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About Scolympics !

Scolympics is a series of events that attempt to give children as rich a variety of learning opportunities as possible. We want to do this by encouraging school students to participate in a variety of contests which we are conducting.

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