Scolympics School Clubs

  • We have started collaborating with schools around Chennai to set up and run clubs within the school premises. Quiz clubs are the most popular currently, but we do have the expertise to conduct Spell Bee, Story Writing and/ or Debate clubs as well.

    Here’s what we can do for you...  

      We will setup a Quiz club in the school.
      The target members would be children from classes 3 to 8.
      We would conduct club activities twice a month either during schools hours or post school hours.
      Scolympics will be responsible for preparing the material used in the sessions.
      The school will only need to provide a classroom and projector, encourage the children to enroll, co-ordinate with us to  fix the schedules and send out the quiz material to the children after every session.
      We typically conduct 2 or 4 sessions every month - our costs vary depending on this of course.

    By partnering with Scolympics, you are opening up a world of possibilities for the kids.
      The club will be run professionally, with fresh and new content every session - focusing on current affairs, ensuring children get attuned with everyday matters
      Information and access to relevant events happening locally and nationally
      In-school competitions can be organized by Scolympics on a need basis
      Identification and grooming of children with interest and flair in specific areas
      All our training is done in a fun and game based format, as that has proven to be the best way to learn!

    Some of the schools we work closely with are

    • l5
    • l4
    • l3
    • l2
    • l1

    Would you like your school to have a Scolympics Quiz Club too - Contact us at